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The best-selling car models in the country

People buy cars less in 2020 than in other years, but some of the world’s leading automakers still weathered the “Covid-19 storm” with impressive results.

According to the data provided by, which analyzes auto brands topping sales charts in various countries in 2020, drivers in America still buying and selling Ford F-series more than other models. While in countries like Argentina and Australia, samples Toyota pickup more popular, and people Switzerland basically buying many midsize sedans from the Czech brand is Skoda.

Hilux is the best-selling car in 14 different countries and regions around the world in 2020. Photo: Toyota

Toyota sells the most cars in the world in 2020, surpassing Volkswagen to take the top position. The Japanese brand sold a total of 9.53 million vehicles, down 11.3% compared to 2019, but still more than 9.31 million vehicles of its German rival.

Globally, Toyota takes the number one spot in 44 different countries and regions, while Volkswagen is at 14.

While the Corolla sedan (with more than 1.1 million units sold in 2020) and the RAV4 crossover (995,000) were the two best-selling models in the world last year, there is another Toyota model that also delivered impressive results. statue.

That is Hilux – mid-size pickup in various markets – with number one position in 14 countries and territories, including Argentina, Australia, South Africa and Fiji. The Hilux hasn’t been sold in the U.S. since the 1990s, when Toyota introduced another pickup, the Tacoma, but the reputation remains today.

Another surprise: samples Skoda Octavia also among the most popular car models in the world. The family sedan is manufactured in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic, and sold in many European markets with prices starting at nearly $25,000, and is the best-selling vehicle in six countries, including Shirt, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

But still have to go back to a Toyota product, which is Corolla – best selling car in 6 countries and regions, including Ireland, Finland, Israel. Sample RAV4 topped the charts in 5 different markets, including Estonian, Iceland and Ukraine. Meanwhile, customers in 6 other countries and regions, including Bahrain, Yemen, again choose the most samples Land Cruiser.

Products under Volkswagen’s sub-brands are the best-selling vehicles in other markets such as Volkswagen Golf (virtue), Audi E-tron (Norway) and Volkswagen ID.3 (Netherlands).

F-150 - king of sales in the US for many years.  Photo: Ford

F-150 – “king of sales” in the US for many years. Photo: Ford

In major countries in the world, domestic car companies often occupy the throne. Ford F-series is the best-selling car in America, and even North America. Despite sales falling by more than 12% in 2020, the pickup is still the best-selling vehicle in the US and Canada.

In Russia, the best-selling car in 2020 is Lada Granta – a small car model produced by domestic company Avtovaz (or Volga) in cooperation with Renault, with a very affordable price, only about 7,000 USD. Meanwhile, the best-selling car India to be Maruti Swift – is also a cheap compact car, with a price of 7,800 USD.

In Vietnam, in 2020, the best selling car is Toyota Vios, with 30,251 cars sold. If counting the small car segment alone, VinFast Fadil – also a domestic product – occupies the top position.

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