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The book about the Lamborghini supercar costs $ 7,500

If a Lamborghini Miura produced half a century ago is now selling for about $1.5 million, the book about this supercar is also super expensive.

Miura can be considered the world’s first modern supercar, produced between 1966-1973. Miura is also honored as one of the most beautiful and most expensive supercars.

The selling price of this supercar in 1967 was $ 19,300, equivalent to about $ 157,000 today. And an original Miura often resold for more than $1.5 million.

The famous Miura model in the history of the Italian supercar company. Photo: Lamborghini

But not only the car, but the book related to the Miura model is also very expensive. Hortons Books in the UK is selling a copy of “The Lamborghini Miura” and is asking for $7,500.

But it’s no ordinary book. “The Lamborghini Miura” was written by a classic car expert, Simon Kidston, who used to work at Europe’s top auction houses and now runs his own firm dedicated to helping the world’s rich buy and sell. expensive car models.

The book is the culmination of nearly two decades of research, with 454 pages, including interviews with all the key figures in the history of Miura’s development. The book is limited to 762 copies – equal to the number of original Miura models released.

The Lamborghini Miura - the book is on sale for 7,500 USD in the UK.  Photo: Miurabook

“The Lamborghini Miura” – the book is on sale for 7,500 USD in the UK. Photo: Miurabook

“The Lamborghini Miura” has also become a must-have for Miura owners as well as fans of this supercar. Published in August 2020 but the book sold out very quickly. And the $7,500 that Hortons bookstores offer for the only copy they have is not outrageous, as the most expensive of the three copies sold on an auction house’s website in April was priced at £30. 6,700 USD.

First launched in 1966, Lamborghini Miura uses a 3.9-liter V12 engine, with a capacity of 400 horsepower. This is also the model that marked the arrival of Lamborghini and built an empire in the supercar market for nearly half a century later.

In the beginning, Miura was famous for its frequent engine fires. The reason is that Lamborghini uses a Weber 40 IDL 3C1 carburetor which is exclusively for racing cars. Whenever the vehicle stops but still starts the engine, the fuel-filled area above the throttle valve is likely to catch fire at the moment the vehicle accelerates again. A Lamborghini engineer invented a device to overcome the above situation. This method is also used by Ferrari to solve a similar problem with a model of its car.

The position of the fuel tank in the front makes the weight of the vehicle lighter when the fuel is depleted. As a result, the Miura’s grip is affected at speeds above 240 km/h.

When extended, the two doors of the car resemble the horns of a bull (on Lamborghini’s logo is an image of an aggressive bull – Ragin Bull).

In 2004, the magazine Sports Car International voted Miura fourth on the list of sports cars of all time.

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