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The boot in addition

A Breton reader sends me a photo of an advertisement displayed in the window of a store near the port of Vannes: “For the purchase of the pair, the third boot offered. “ In order to understand the meaning and scope of this proposition, there is a drawing which shows 1 boot + 1 boot = 1 boot. To sum up: if you buy a pair of boots, the store will give you a third boot. Are you kicking? (Okay, it’s easy, but I wasn’t going to deprive myself of it…) The question remains: what do we do with the third boot? Because walking in the Breton rain with only one boot, the full pair being in reserve in the closet, let’s say it’s moderately practical. On this, my correspondent has his little idea: “What if the boot merchant didn’t offer a free boot just to get me to buy two pairs of boots instead of one?” “ This would allow, suddenly, to have three pairs of boots, one of which is free. You follow ? That said, let’s not get carried away: at the bottom of the poster, we read this, written in very small: “Offer limited to size 32.” Now let’s face it: is it really worth it to defy the ban on driving beyond one kilometer to go and buy in Vannes, immediately, two pairs of boots to get one free, all of them? all three in size 32? I find it very refreshing to ask these kinds of questions with the Covid, terrorism and the economic crisis …


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