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The camera helps the driver see through the car

On some Land Rover models, X-ray technology and a 360-degree camera system help remove all obstacles from the driver’s perspective to the bottom of the vehicle.

The Land Rover Defender model goes off-road with the help of a rearview camera. Video: Land Rover

For drivers who often go off-road, there are situations that make them ask someone to go with them to “watch the road”. It’s often rough terrain, and it’s impossible to tell what the wheels are rolling over.

Land Rover’s ClearSight Ground View system – which started a few years ago on the Evoque – is a powerful tool in such situations. Not only that, in urban areas, this technology is also useful when the car has to run through narrow roads.

Camera technology helps drivers see through the car

The Range Rover Evoque runs through a narrow road, and the driver uses camera technology to not get stuck on the side ledges. Video: Land Rover

Land Rover’s system uses images from cameras in the two exterior mirrors and a camera in the grille, combined to produce a virtual image of the road in front of the vehicle, displayed on the infotainment screen. As a result, the driver is like looking through the entire front of the car to the ground, where only two wheels remain (also a virtual image) to help determine the exact path.

In a recent survey conducted by JD Power When done, many new car owners say that rearview mirrors with cameras and underbody cameras are the most useful technology in cars. Up to 62% of new car buyers say they want this type of camera in their next car purchase.

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