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The campaign to win the hearts of Vietnamese customers of Toyota Vietnam

The Japanese spirit of Omotenashi was applied by Toyota Vietnam in the customer care campaign and awareness raising of each employee.

We Care is the second phase in the big campaign of Toyota Vietnam, deployed by this company since 2019 with the aim of building customer culture and raising awareness of employees.

Customer at a Toyota Vietnam dealer. Image: TMV.

The first phase of this big campaign is “Hello”, gradually changing the style of contacting customers for Toyota dealers nationwide. When coming to the showroom, customers will feel the friendliness and attentive service, right from the reception stage. Phase two – We Care, customers are provided with a better experience at the agent. Phase three is expected to be deployed by the company in 2021.

Since the early days when Covid-19 started in Vietnam, Toyota has carried out early activities such as guiding customers to take care of themselves, cleaning the car at home or disinfecting the car for free when doing service at the dealer. “The customer service at Toyota dealers is all done well and consistently, from the reception, in the waiting room to the completion of the service and receipt of the car”, Mr. Ngoc Thanh, owner of Fortuner in Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi said. “After the social gap, the company still maintains the entire car sterilization after maintenance, which makes users very reassuring.”

A Toyota Camry in a genuine service workshop in Hanoi.

A Toyota Camry in a genuine service workshop in Hanoi.

The representative of this company said that the Hello 2019 campaign has received positive feedback from customers. 75% of guests are satisfied with the agent reception improvement. 16% of customers give special compliments to the staff “We Care continues those good things to promote a culture of customer service, its employees actively bring more positive experiences to customers at each contact point,” said Toyota Vietnam representative.

This campaign of the Japanese company also includes small activities such as tagging reminders for car maintenance, and thank you messages from Toyota. “After each maintenance, my car is attached with a maintenance reminder tag for the next time, with a message from the company. Although this is a small detail, but users also feel the car’s respect for the car. me “, Ms. Bich Ngoc (District 7, HCMC) said.

Maintenance reminder tag (red), with Toyota thank you message in the customer's car.

Maintenance reminder tag (red), with Toyota thank you message in the customer’s car.

In addition to the changes in customer interaction, employees of Toyota dealerships also have challenges in internal competitions, aiming to bring satisfaction and positive experiences to customers. In August 2020, Toyota Vietnam deployed more than 200 ideas to improve service quality. A signboard “You say – Toyota act” is placed at the dealer in order to acknowledge feedback from users.

Toyota has been present in Vietnam for 25 years with a nationwide dealer network. Up to now, this company has sold more than 650,000 cars of all kinds, received more than 13 million passengers for service, is one of the largest car dealership systems in Vietnam.

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