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The car was 500 m by the truck, the female driver escaped death

CanadaThe Mini Cooper was hit and hit half a kilometer by a truck on one of the busiest highways in Toronto, on March 23.

Courtenay Erhardt knew well when her Mini was hit by a truck from behind, but what the 26-year-old driver did not expect was that this terrifying journey also lasted 500 meters.

“He kept running. It was horrible. I can only remember screaming and crying and thinking ‘Okay, I’m going to die'”, Erhardt recalled. That day, the girl was on her way to a mobile cabin to assist vaccine managers Covid-19.

On March 24, Toronto police posted a video on social media, showing a red truck pushing the Mini Cooper of the same color along the outermost lane of the Gardiner highway. The video was recorded and shared by a person from above first on TikTok.

Police said that truck drivers are currently facing many different crimes. The lucky female driver was only slightly injured and immobilized, unable to get out of the car after the truck was stopped by another car.

America – England (according to the CBC)


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