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The case of 15 dogs in the top 5 hottest topics on October 10 on Google

Sunday, October 10, 2021 15:35 PM (GMT+7)

The topic ’15 dogs’ appeared in 4th place, behind other “hot” topics such as ‘Portugal’, ‘Kia Carnival 2022’ and ‘Tyson Fury’, according to a Google Trends report at 3pm today. 10/10.

As of 3 p.m. on October 10, ’15 dogs’ quickly appeared in the top of the most popular topics of the day, according to a Google Trends report.

The clip of the couple and their dogs crossing hundreds of kilometers from Long An to Ca Mau caused emotion on social networks, but soon after, information appeared that the dogs were destroyed.

Accordingly, the theme ’15 dogs’ appeared in 4th place, after other “hot” topics such as ‘Portugal’, ‘Kia Carnival 2022’ and ‘Tyson Fury’. This order may remain subject to change for the remainder of 10/10.

Specifically, the most searched keywords under the topic ’15 dogs’ are: 15 dogs burned, 15 dogs case, 15 dogs destroyed, 15 destroyed dogs,…

It is not surprising that Ca Mau is the place where the number of Internet users searching for this topic the most, followed by Ho Chi Minh City and the western provinces such as Can Tho, Tien Giang, Kien Giang,…

Top keywords related to the topic ’15 dogs’ recorded by Google Trends.

The case of '15 dogs'  Top 5 topics "hot"  10/10 on Google - 3

Top local generated many queries related to the topic ’15 dogs’.

Before that, from the night of October 9, the online community shared “dizzy” information about the destroyed dogs in Ca Mau (according to the spread of 15 dogs). These are dogs with a family riding motorbikes from Long An to Ca Mau, which once caused a “fever” on social networks because of their lovely, cute and emotional clip between people and pets.

The incident spread from an audio recording of the owners of these dogs talking on the phone with the sponsor, when asked. Because the owners of the dogs are F0, they must be isolated for treatment, and the dogs have been disposed of in a destructive way to prevent the spread of disease.

Immediately after receiving the complaint about the incident, the leader of the district People’s Committee Tran Van Thoi went directly to the locality to get more information. Initially, the locality admitted that there were shortcomings in handling the aforementioned dogs. Currently, the unit is completing the report to the People’s Committee of Ca Mau province.


The online community mourns '15 dogs destroyed in Ca Mau'

The online community has simultaneously shared pet photos to express their condolences to the dogs that have just been destroyed.


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