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The “choke key”, controversial technique of interpellation, replaced

The “strangulation key”, a controversial police arrest technique, has been officially replaced by three new techniques, according to a letter from the boss of the national police dated Friday, July 30 and consulted by AFP.

Time for revolt in the face of police violence

The abandonment of this technique was announced in January 2020 by the former Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner, but still used for lack of a directive on new practices.

In his letter addressed to all senior police officials, the Director General of the National Police Frédéric Veaux explains that the summary report, entrusted in the summer of 2020 to the boss of the Val-d’Oise police force Frédéric Lauze, had found that the technique of “Choke key” presented ” risks “.

An increasingly criticized technique

“It is therefore decided to give it up definitively”, adds Frédéric Veaux, before detailing the three techniques that will replace it and will henceforth be taught to police officers.

It is “Bring it to the ground by pivot”, of “Bring it to the ground by half shoulder control” and of “Mastery by controlling the head”.

Words from the cops: “At the time of the 2015 attacks, we were applauded heroes”

These new techniques are based on “The principle of gradation of force according to the resistance of the individual, using methods of bringing down and of control without resorting to continuous and prolonged pressure in the larynx”, writes the boss of the police.

The “strangulation key” had been questioned in the Chouviat case, this delivery man who died in Paris in January 2020 after a check, which led the then Minister of the Interior to announce his abandonment.

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