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The cicada is responsible for the car accident

AmericaCincinnati, Ohio police say a cicada was responsible for the crash by taking the driver by surprise on the morning of June 7.

While the driver suffered only minor injuries, the tick’s fate was not so lucky. The animal was found dead on the floor of the vehicle.

The car crashed into a power pole and shattered its front end after a tick flew into the cabin. Image: Cincinnati Police Department

Before that, the tick flew into the cabin through the glass door that did not close and hit the driver’s face and caused him to lose control, crashing the Chevrolet into a roadside power pole. The sedan was heavily damaged on the front end, the airbags deployed. The information was then posted by the Cincinnati police department on its social networking site.

This is the first serious accident this summer involving the insect, said Corporal Eric Franz, director of social media for the Cincinnati police department. Cicadas are among the animals that have invaded the United States in recent times such as wasps, giant lizards and moths. Police also recommend that people should keep their car windows closed to avoid similar accidents.

America – England (according to the NPR)


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