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“The cinemas of the filmmakers”: a part of the author’s cinema is reborn on VOD

The result of a collaboration between the FilmoTV platform and ARP, a collective of filmmakers behind the famous “Cinema of filmmakers”, the operation is an opportunity for directors to give a second life to fallen films “a little little forgotten “.

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Some 150 auteur films will be uploaded on video on demand on the FilmoTV platform, which announced on Thursday March 18 the launch of a label “Cinema of the Filmmakers“insisting on”editorial support” works.

The platform has joined forces for this operation with ARP, one of the main collectives of independent filmmakers and producers, which founded the Cinéma des Cinéastes, one of the emblematic arthouse rooms in Paris.

Not only do we choose films, but we explain to viewers why they are there“, explained the founder of FilmoTV, Jean Ollé-Laprune. Interviews and filmed round tables are offered, in particular by the filmmakers Costa Gavras, Cristian Mungiu or Patrice Leconte.

“A certain number of these films were known, the Bertrand Taverniers, Claude Lelouch, Pierre Jolivet, but many other directors had not thought of making their films available on VOD and they were somewhat forgotten”, added Jean Ollé-Laprune.

FilmoTV is one of the many video platforms that were created in the shadow of American giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime, and gained numerous subscribers during the health crisis. Besides FilmoTV, other platforms have entered the niche of cinephilia, with different economic models: MK2 Curiosity, Mubi or even Cinetek.

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