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‘The consumption of electric cars on long roads is very different from gasoline cars’

When running on the highway by tram, if running at a speed of 100 km / h or more, it will consume a lot of electricity.

In the answer to the question “Are electric cars more economical than going on the street?” I see, depending on the speed of the car on the highway. Electric cars are designed to run in urban areas with the aim of reducing emissions and reducing environmental pollution. But, when a tram traveling on a highway, running at 100 km / h or more will consume a lot of electricity and you will see a significant loss of km compared to a gas car (based on the fact that I am running an electric car by Volkswagen). In addition, electric cars are heavier than gasoline cars, so the wheel friction with the road surface emits a lot of fine dust on the highway.

So, if there is no continuous charging station on the road, you should not go far by electric car. I only use an electric car for a distance of 70-80 km to charge a full charge, then go and go back without having to stop charging. In addition, I use the car in European weather conditions that are quite cool, if in a hot country, if an electric car uses an additional air conditioner at a temperature of about 19 degrees C, it will lose a lot of energy.

In addition to the advantages of electric vehicles, you should pay attention to the inconvenience of having to charge the electricity, it is quite time consuming and difficult to find the charging station. Personally, I find electric cars only suitable for short distances.

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