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The court ordered the driver to sell the car because of a traffic violation

virtueThe 23-year-old had to pay many fines for not having a driver’s license and had 3 months to sell his BMW 440i after fleeing the police.

In April, a young man in Ludwigsburg, near the city of Stuttgart, went out with friends and demonstrated a tire burn in the middle of the street with a BMW 440i. When police arrived, the man quickly fled the scene. A police officer tried to give chase, but the fugitive refused to give up.

The officer recounted: “I went to full speed with the 192-horsepower patrol car but couldn’t keep up with him. I stopped on Marien Street because I couldn’t take responsibility at 120 km/h in the city. there”.

The 440i coupe model has a capacity of 320 horsepower. Photo: BMW

The 23-year-old driver denied the charges of running a red light and driving on the pavement, but admitted speeding. The judge stipulates that the young man must see a traffic psychologist.

The female judge, Anne Bollacher, also decided to revoke the driver’s license for 6 months, and also give him 3 months to sell the car and pay $ 8,200 from the sale of the car into the public fund. If the car is not sold, the BMW will be confiscated.

“A high-speed vehicle is not a toy, it becomes a weapon. This young man can seriously injure a mother pushing a pram or a pedestrian while driving. flee,” Judge Bollacher said.

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