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The dark moon is inhabited by aliens?

Thursday, June 17, 2021 00:05 AM (GMT+7)

The moons of “failed planets” may harbor alien life-forms similar to those found on Earth in hydrothermal vents.

New research led by astronomer Patricico Javier Ávalia from the University of Concepción (Chile) has modeled the possibility of “exomoons” around “failed planets”.

Could the moons of lonely planets harbor alien life? – Photo: BBC

Failed planets are worlds that are similar in nature to gas giants, but drift aimlessly through space without orbiting any planets. There are many theories surrounding this lonely state: they were unfortunately ejected from their “solar system”, or once had a companion star that died. There is also a theory that

According to the Daily Mail, new analysis shows that moons orbiting failed planets often receive a dose of cosmic radiation that can turn hydrogen and carbon dioxide into liquid water. The water up there would be 10,000 times less than Earth’s oceans, but 100 times more than water in the atmosphere. That’s still just enough for alien life to proliferate.

The failed planet often has a gravitational field large enough to cause tides for its moons, in the same way that Jupiter affects “life moons” like Europa, Ganymede…, helping the planet have proper functioning to sustain life. The planet isn’t as hot as stars, so even if the moons are close, they won’t burn up like planets too close to their parent star do.

According to Science Alert, another setback is light. However, in recent years, scientists have continuously found strange worlds with creatures that exist without light right on Earth: in hydrothermal pits on the seafloor, underground, under permafrost. . Extraterrestrial beings on exomoons in the solar system such as Europa or Enceladus are also expected to be of this type, because they exist beneath the permafrost underground ocean.

So even though the moons of the planets failed to be “dark moons”, they were still viable.

The study has just been published in the International Journal of Astrobiology.


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