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The defense of the “oppressed” French Muslims seduces

“A lynching campaign similar to that against the Jews of Europe before WWII is being waged against the Muslims. ” In a new televised rant Monday, October 26, without any measure, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan posed as a defender of Sunni Muslims “Oppressed”. “Hostility against Islam and Muslims is spreading through societies like a plague. The rise of Islamophobia in the West is akin to a total attack on the Koran and its prophet ”, he assured. And the list of his grievances is long.

In addition to the cartoons published by several French media and to which the French president declared that France “Would not give up”, the Turkish leader also alluded to a search carried out on October 21 at the Mevlana mosque in Berlin. During the operation, some police officers are said to have walked on the mosque carpets with their boots on. “I appeal to Merkel. You have freedom of religion: how is it possible that more than 100 police officers attack a mosque during morning prayers? “, launched the Turkish president before calling “The Muslim world” and “The leaders of the whole world” at “Embrace the Muslims of France” oppressed “.

A speech that flatters the Turkish Islamo-nationalist electorate

Undeniably, the “Fight against Islamophobia” recipe for a Turkish president obsessed with the desire to last. It allows him to flatter his Islamo-nationalist electorate, but also to establish a position of regional power, capable of standing up to the “big guys”, including Saudi Arabia, the traditional protector of the Sunni world.

However delusional it may be, this speech meets an attentive ear in part of the Muslim world. As proof: in recent days, currents close to the Muslim Brotherhood have relayed calls to boycott French products in Qatar, Kuwait or Jordan, but also in France.

400 Turkish mosques in France

In France, Recep Tayyip Erdogan of course has his followers in the network of 400 Turkish mosques and belonging either to the Milli Görüs organization or to the Coordination Committee of Turkish Muslims in France (CCMTF). The latter is directly linked to the Turkish-Islamic office of religious affairs in Ankara. But his repeated calls of the foot also earned him the esteem of some of the faithful of Maghrebi origin. As well as some of his positions judged “Courageous” : the transformation of the Hagia Sophia into a mosque in July, or the defense of the Uyghurs victims of the sinization policy in Xinjing (since then abandoned in the open countryside after a visit with great pomp by the Turkish president to Beijing).

“Every day I receive at least ten messages from Muslims in France telling me that the psychological pressure exerted on them in France is becoming unbearable and that they want to leave this country as soon as possible”, assures on Facebook Davut Paşa, the founder of the group “Emigrate to Turkey”. “Native French, Muslim” and himself “Expatriate in Turkey”, this influential activist within the Muslim community is ironic about the calls for calm broadcast by the president of the French Council of Muslim Worship, Mohamed Moussaoui. On several occasions, the latter assured that “Muslims in France are not persecuted”, and even called them to “defend the interest” of their country against boycott campaigns.

Turkey’s official condemnation of the murder of Samuel Paty

“Notice he is not wrong”, answers Davut Paşa, in his message widely applauded and shared. “We are not persecuted. We are just despised, discriminated against, belittled, humiliated, excluded, constantly bludgeoned by the political class, the media. It’s not the same, words have a meaning. Accomplice of the State in its neo-colonial policy, Moussaoui seems to be the reincarnation of those rabbis who told their faithful to get on the trains in 42 ”.

In this atmosphere of one-upmanship, the spokesman for the Turkish presidency Ibrahim Kalin surprised by finally condemning and “Vigorously the monstrous assassination of Samuel Paty” in a Twitter message. “This assassination can in no way be justified”, he added.


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