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The devil particle that once pierced the Earth continues to be majestic

Monday, October 18, 2021 15:00 PM (GMT+7)

The “evil particle” neutrino – the mysterious stream of matter that constantly pours down on Earth that scientists discovered a few years ago – continues to prove its “evil” properties in new research.

After a lot of work by scientists, the possible source of the “evil particle” is AT2019dsg – a violent encounter between a black hole and a star, a new study from Northwestern University (USA) again shows that AT2019dsg is not powerful enough to create “evil particles” but must be something more terrible lurking behind it.

The event AT2019dsg, ie a monster black hole swallowing a giant star, is said to have the ability to create ghost particles – Photo: DESY/Science Communication Lab

According to astronomer Kate Alexander, who led the study, they reanalyzed the radio waves emitted by AT2019dsg and found that while it could produce “ghost particles” at some point, it was not powerful enough. energy to continue to launch this mysterious stream of matter to Earth many months later as scientists continue to discover.

According to Science Alert, AT2019dsg was first detected in April 2019, from a galaxy 750 million light-years away. X-ray and radio observations have confirmed the presence of a “monster” black hole with a mass of 30 million Suns and a massive star being captured and torn apart by it. Six months later, the “ghost particle” IC19001A was detected by the IceCube neutrino detector in Antarctica, reaching energies of more than 200 teraelectronvolts. It was quickly linked to the massive star “eating” black hole event.

But according to new calculations, for IC19001A to reach Earth with that magnitude, the energy level from the event must be 1,000 times more than AT2019dsg. Not to mention then, IceCube continued to detect more “evil particles”.

Therefore, although coming from the AT2019dsg side, it is clear that the evil particles must have a more terrible origin, from an event or some mysterious chain of events lurking behind the shadow of AT2019dsg.

Neutrinos are known as “ghost particles” because they have near-zero mass, travel at close to the speed of light, and don’t really interact with normal matter. A study shows that they have passed through our planet like a shadow, so many scientists intend to use neutrinos for studies related to the “interior” of the Earth – simply because it penetrates everything.

The new study has just been published in the scientific journal The Astrophysical Journal.


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