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The empire of the series. “Small Ax”: the punch series by Steve McQueen

First episode: “Mangrove” (© Small Ax Productions Ltd MMXX)

Five films from 1 hour to 1:30, each recounting the daily harassment against the black West Indian community in London, in the 60s to 80s, five true stories filmed on edge by Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen, who had already told, in Twelve Years a Slave, the descent into hell of a black man who became a slave in the southern states of the United States in the 19th century. Five stories ofavailable on the Salto platform and nominated for the Golden Globes.

This series was a must.

The harassment of the first black policeman by his colleagues. Black students excluded from the school system to meet quotas. Or the racist police trial against Frank Crichlow: Steve McQueen Mc Queen has carefully chosen these five stories:

“There were stories I wanted to tell. The story of the police harassment of Frank Crichlow, the cafe owner ‘The Mangrove’ in Notting Hill. Lover rock, it’s a fairy tale movie. It’s inspired by my aunt who went to those ‘blues parties’, parties organized by the West Indian people because she was not welcome in the clubs in London. ”

Small Ax is a series but also a political project for Steve McQueen:

“It was a desire, a need and a duty. Because in the history of British cinema, of British history, black people have never had a right to a space. I needed to tell these stories to fill that void. We have a huge influence in the UK in culture, sport, politics, everyday life. Things have changed dramatically thanks to the black population. “

When I was young, my father used to tell me to beware of the police.

With omnipresent music. The title of the series is based on a song by Bob Marley. Steve McQueen: “If you are a big tree, we are a small ax”: you can be very big, but if we unite together, we can cut you down. This is the theme of the series. Each story in this series tells how when people come together they can make the world a better place for those who come after them. ”

Small axis, five powerful films magnificently interpreted and directed by Steve McQueen available on the Salto platform and which have every chance for the 78th Golden Globes ceremony this Sunday, February 28, 2021.

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