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The Empress: “We work as in painting, we mix colors”

They are six, a woman and five men. They love Nile Rodgers, Anderson .Paak and Michel Berger, from which they cover a song (“Tant d’amore perdue”) on their second album “Tako-Tsubo” (sick heart, in Japanese): a funk disco album with unmistakable lyrics. slightly colorless, but with an imperial groove, brilliantly sunny with Californian sounds, and all perfumed with keyboards pornsoft or who seem to come out of “the Boom”. Here is L’Impératrice, the third generation of the French electronic lineage, after Daft Punk and Justice, and one of the rare groups from here to tour in the United States, Mexico or Turkey. Meeting with his two keyboardists, Charles de Boisseguin and Hagni Gwon.

What is the first record you bought?

Hagni Gwon. Britney Spears’ debut album, which I still adore. A pop monument.

Charles de Boisseguin. “Dancing Disco” by France Gall and “C’est Chic” by Chic.

How did you become musicians?

HG My parents are from South Korea. They arrived in France in 1985, three years before I was born, to do their theses. The subject of my father’s political philosophy thesis was the thought of Antonio Gramsci. For my father, a left-wing man with Marxist convictions (at the time, it was not necessarily well regarded in Korea), classical music was bourgeois culture. He was against it. And then he had a revelation. He heard Beethoven’s “Violin Concerto”. He told me : It was one of the most beautiful days

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