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The family had gone through financial crisis, had failed in graduation, something like this is the story of IPS Sanjay Bhatia

IPS Sanjay Bhatia has served in many important positions in Delhi. He had told that he had even failed in one subject in graduation. But he didn’t give up.

Every year lakhs of children appear in the UPSC exam, but only a select few get success. Many a times, the candidates get frustrated due to the failure. Today we will tell you the story of IPS Sanjay Bhatia. Sanjay Bhatia is counted among the domineering officers, but once his family was going through financial crisis. Financial constraints are also such that even food is never available.

Sanjay Bhatia himself had mentioned this in an interview, I had three more brothers. The resources with the parents were limited. Many times there was such a situation that breakfast was not available because food was not available at all. Somebody told that in the school of NDMC, children are given breakfast and they can eat any amount of food. I insisted for this school exam in the fifth grade itself. My father took me for this school exam, but unfortunately I could not clear this exam.

IPS Sanjay Bhatia recalls, I got very frustrated after this. I continued my further studies in an ordinary government school. Later, during the eighth grade, my friend came to the house. He saw the furniture in my house which was very broken. I felt very strange seeing this and I cried a lot after leaving his house. The family gave me courage and I gave IIT exam for graduation, but did not get selected. After that I took admission in Delhi School of Engineering.

College days: Sanjay Bhatia recalls, I had become a little careless during my college days. This was the reason why I also failed in one subject. I was shocked by that and I started doing my preparation in a different way.

After graduation, I went to America to do my Masters, but my mother’s health had deteriorated. When I came back, my mother did not let me go. After that I decided to do UPSC. UPSC was cleared in the first attempt also, but did not get the desired service. In second attempt I got IPS and I was successful.


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