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The female driver lost the car on the track

BrazilCopa Mercedes race is taking place at the Interlagos race in Sao Paulo, when a Mini Cooper slowly appeared, on 11/10.

The race was only for Mercedes models and was going on normally until a white Mini Cooper appeared, prompting the organizers to send the security car to the track.

Answer page interview UOL (Brazil), Renata Monti, 29 years old female driver of the Mini said she was lost. This woman was on her way to a spot near the Interlagos track to watch a small race with her friends. But Monti unfortunately lost track of his companions and suddenly found himself on the same road as the Mercedes.

Even during the race report, commentators even said that the Mini driver deserved to be arrested without knowing that the action was not intentional. Currently, Sau Paulo Auto Association is investigating the incident. The situation raises many questions with the organization of the race, especially when a car from the outside can easily run all the way to the track without any difficulty.

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