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The female driver opened the car from afar to chase away the thief

AmericaThe woman used the app on her phone and turned on the lights and horns, opened the sunroof and the glass door, and the two thieves left her Tesla Model 3.

Annabelle Brett receives a Model 3 alert via an app on her phone. When she got out of the garage, the woman noticed that the electric car was gone.

Through surveillance cameras, Brett clearly saw two men riding a blue car pried open the door for their bags before driving the Model 3 away. Brett knows he can track his vehicle’s journey through the app.

“I saw the car on a nearby corner, so I thought I would jump in and call the police, or simply follow it on a map,” Brett said.

With a friend, Brett drove along the Model 3, at the same time communicating with the police. Through an application on her phone, she activated the horn, turned on the lights, opened the sunroof and closed and lowered the windows of the car, as well as controlled the infotainment system to attract the attention of two strangers.

However, Brett does not slow the car even though the app allows it to be done with the in mind of the safety of those around it. What happened caused the thief to change plans, leave the Model 3 and get in his car and disappear, in such a hurry that he forgot a driver’s license on the electric vehicle.

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