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The future position of hybrid technology of Lexus – VnExpress

Lexus brought the first genuine hybrids to debut to Vietnamese guests at the Vietnam Motor Show VMS 2017. After that launch, LS, ES or RX respectively received a hybrid version, in order to bring economical technologies. material and more environmentally friendly. Hybrid models were arranged by this company for the media to experience at the recent Lexus Signature 2021 journey.

The most prominent of the six generations of hybrid engines since 1998 from Lexus is the Multi-Stage Hybrid technology. The company’s representative said that, surpassing the generation of hybrid (serial) and paralle hybrid (parallel) engines, new technology allows continuous and instantaneous power management, optimizing the engine coordination. gasoline and electricity. In addition, the detail clusters on the Lexus hybrid are designed to optimize fuel consumption.

During the Lexus Signature 2021 journey, the guests experienced Multi-Stage Hybrid technology on the LS500h. The car has a maximum capacity of 354 horsepower, accelerates 0-100 km / h in 5.4 seconds, capable of reaching speeds of 140 km / h using only electric motors.

“If you want to enjoy a quiet, relaxing space in the ‘boss’ seats behind you, just tell the driver to gently click the accelerator pedal. If you want excitement, strong acceleration, sit in the driver’s seat. and experience sportiness on the LS500h, “said an expert on the cruise. The Lexus LS500h has a combined fuel consumption of 6.7 liters / 100 km, according to its announcement.

Besides Multi-Stage Hybrid technology, hybrid technologies on IS or RX also impress the group of people who experience the journey. Lexus IS300h uses a 2.5 petrol engine, combined with an electric motor for a total capacity of 220 horsepower. The ability to self-charge on this model helps to optimize fuel consumption. The fully electric EV operation helps at low speeds, limiting engine sound and emissions into the environment. According to the company, IS 300h has a combined fuel consumption of 5.5 liters / 100 km.

With the RX 450h, the car uses a 3.5 V6 petrol engine, with a capacity of 259 horsepower and 335 Nm of traction, combining two electric motors. Using this hybrid system, the Lexus RX 450h promises a smoother interior space. The car has a combined fuel consumption of 6.17 liters / 100 km, as announced by Lexus Vietnam.

Regarding safety, the Japanese company is currently applying the technology package Lexus Safety System + 2 (LSS + 2) on the new product range. This package includes a combination of technologies and features such as PCS pre-collision safety system, DRCC active cruise control, LTA lane tracking support, AHS adaptive lighting … Besides Other safety features include: BSM blind spot warning, TPWS tire pressure warning, front and rear distance sensors, 360-degree camera, 10 airbags …

“When experiencing reality on diverse terrains, Lexus models give the driver absolute peace of mind”, said Lexus Vietnam representative. “Stable cornering models, smooth steering, well-maintained space between vehicles. A sense of safety is something that anyone behind the wheel of Lexus can feel.”

In addition to hybrid technology and advanced features, the details on Lexus cars are completed by Takumi masters from the land of the rising sun. This company expects, each driver will become an individual with environmental responsibility, when traveling with Lexus. Currently, Lexus is a luxury car company with the most diverse range of hybrid car products in Vietnam.

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