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“The Girl and the Spider”, a bittersweet, quirky and poetic Swiss comedy

Two roommate friends separate, in The Girl and the Spider which comes out Wednesday, October 20. Ramon and Silvan Zürcher, two Swiss brothers, are on the trail of their compatriot Jean-Luc Godard, period Contempt. They film a move between apartments, but also in the brain. The end of a friendship, of an intimacy, perhaps of a love, seen with a rare glance, in the image and the text: that of a spider on the ceiling.

Lisa is leaving the roommate she had shared for years with Mara. During the move, they meet, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, settle accounts with half-word, and meet meetings where a new life is played out.

Ramon and Silvan Zürcher capture the pivotal moment of a rupture. Why Lisa is breaking up her roommate with Mara is not clearly explained. The subject is elsewhere. Filmed from Mara’s point of view, The girl and the spider, it’s her. Detached from what is happening around her, reluctant to help, she throws her spikes, receives others, in a disturbed but strangely padded atmosphere. An iconoclastic charm emanates from this canvas of feelings which capsizes like a drunken boat.

Apartment movie, The girl and the spider striking by the care given to the frame and the color, composed à la Godard: graphic. The film captures nothings rarely seen on screen: wine overflows from a table, crates stacked in the corridor, an open panderie … Like its anti-heroine, the film is of sophisticated simplicity, a paradox from which poetry is born. Behind closed doors between two apartments, the film multiplies unexpected situations, with rhythm, and a cast that rolls like clockwork.

"The Girl and the Spider"& nbsp; by & nbsp; Ramon and Silvan Zürcher (2021).  (WAYNA PITCH)

Mara pours out her gall like honey. Love and friendship stand out in bitter dialogues chiseled with sibylline or scathing turns. Beneath its innocuous airs, The girl and the spider takes you in its web until the end of the film.

"The Girl and the Spider"& nbsp; by & nbsp; Ramon and Silvan Zürcher (2021).  (WAYNA PITCH)

Kind : Drama
Director : Ramon Zürcher and Silvan Zürcher
Actors : Henriette Confurius, Liliane Amuat, Ursina Lardi
Country : Swiss
Duration : 1h38
Exit : October 20, 2012
Distributer : Wayna pitch

Synopsis : For years Lisa has lived in a shared apartment with Mara and Markus. But the time to take an apartment to live alone has finally come. A curious merry-go-round of desires takes off. A tragicomic disaster film, a poetic ode to change and the ephemeral.

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