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The journey to professionalize Vietnam’s motorsport racing

Spontaneous racing has been a problem for a long time, but there are many organizations and businesses that are building the foundation to develop the Vietnamese motorsports platform.

In the perception of some Vietnamese people, racing has been considered a problem for a long time because of its spontaneity and unsafety due to the lack of a professional organization. Although sports car racing has developed in recent years, breaking the stereotype of “racing” associated with illegal and unsafe images is still difficult.

From the above situation, the Vietnam Bicycle – Motorcycle Federation and Honda Vietnam (HVN) have sought to build and promote the safe and orderly motorsport movement, contributing to the eradication of prejudice, gradually established the first foundations for a national motorsports platform.

Professionalizing racing into a healthy sport

Motorsport activities have appeared in the country since the late 1990s. In the 2000s, this sport was officially accepted by the Vietnam Bicycle – Motorcycle Federation. Since then, the Federation has been the unit in charge of professional and technical management.

The riders at VMRC, the race is oriented by the Vietnam Bicycle and Motorcycle Federation, and HVN is the main sponsor.

In the early days, the sport encountered many difficulties because of social prejudices, there was no concept of motorsport, but only “illegal racing”. Thereby, motor sport activities are only at the movement level, spontaneous with small scale and not yet legalized.

In recent years, with the efforts of the Vietnam Bicycle and Motorcycle Federation and the strong joint strength of HVN, motorcycle racing has become a healthy and professionally developed sport in the country. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu, General Secretary of the Vietnam Sports Federation of Bicycles and Motorcycles emphasized two factors: “passion” and “serious investment” of units such as the Federation and Honda Vietnam.

“The attention of the companion units is very important. Because this is a recreational sport, not an Olympic sports activity,” said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu. “With Olympic sports activities will be greatly supported by the state, but with recreational sports, companion units play a huge role, because they are the ones spending the budget, thereby helping to socialize.” .

Sports motorcycle race

With the investment of HVN, Vietnamese motorsport has made strides in the socialization of sports.

“Since the introduction of HVN, the organization has been more unified, the company has also helped the Federation improve the Competition Rules and the system of referees more professionally. Those factors help orient motorsport to become professional.” Mr. Vu shared, “HVN also brings Vietnamese riders to compete internationally, which is very difficult, because it is expensive and requires professional investment. In fact, not only HVN participates in motorsport. sports, but when it comes to depth, breadth and orientation, there is only HVN up to this point.”

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu, General Secretary of the Vietnam Bicycle - Motor Sports Federation.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu, General Secretary of the Vietnam Bicycle – Motor Sports Federation.

According to Mr. Vu, HVN actively contributes to all activities, not merely as a sponsor. In addition to the direction of the Federation, this company has directly contributed to the organization, training of referees or the regulation of the tournament.

VMRC is one of the milestones of the motorsports industry in Vietnam. The tournament was officially established in 2018, so far after 3 seasons, the level of expertise is increasing, increasing the competition category for young and professional riders in the organization stage. Currently, VMRC is the only tournament in Vietnam that is organized in the form of a season, with a competition system for riders from 15 years old.

In order to achieve these advancements, the Federation and HVN have focused on investing, aiming to make “VMRC a pillar, which has been and is being recognized as a national tournament”.

The desire to reach out to the great sea

Besides VMRC, the international motorsport activities of Vietnamese riders in the past 5 years is also a bright spot.

Vietnamese Cao racer (red car) competes at the ARRC 2019 international tournament.

Vietnamese Cao racer (red car) competes at the ARRC 2019 international tournament.

“The fact that HVN helps domestic riders access international tournaments has inspired Vietnamese riders,” said Mr. Vu. “The federation has high expectations for units like HVN in developing the motorcycle sport. comprehensive sports, towards the socialization of motorsports, diversifying resources”.

Mr. Vu said that the nearest goal of the Federation is to promote the VMRC tournament, with the participation of other firms, to create competitiveness and attract more investment. Going further, the Federation wants to set a goal of calling for resources to build a racetrack that meets standards like F1 or MotoGP in Vietnam.

The Vietnam Sports Motorcycle Federation and the Vietnam Honda Company are laying the first bricks for the history of motorsport in the country, will continue to invest seriously to bring this sport to an international level in the future. near future.

Tuan Vu (Photo: HVN)


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