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The luxury car was scratched because it was parked

ChinaThe driver parked the Mercedes-Maybach in front of the beef restaurant, but went to eat in the next store, causing irritation, in Fujian province.

Before that, when seeing the luxury car stopped, the couple of beef shop owners thought that customers entered their restaurant, but the driver went to the next store for dinner. At that time, there were about 3-4 cars parked in the tail and there was no space left if the customer entered the beef, the owner wanted the other driver to drive away.

The woman walked around the Maybach to find her phone number but could not find it. The anger increased so the restaurant owner took the electric tester and scratched the car into many marks.

After dinner was finished, the other driver went to the car and noticed some natural scratches appearing on the Maybach. The culprit was quickly identified. The owner of the beef restaurant accepts compensation for the owner of the car. The damage of the luxury car is about 2,000 USD.

Personnel, many people say, indeed, that there is no shortage of small and medium business owners like the owner of the beef shop who always think that the public space in front of where they do business is their own. So these people assume they own a parking space in front of the store. Contradictions similar to the above story still happen frequently, just because of the habit of privatizing public property.

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