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The Ministry of Information and Communications requests to rectify activities on social networks, including livestream

Saturday, May 29, 2021 11:05 AM (GMT+7)

Some objects are taking advantage of online broadcasting (livestream), group chat, … to post illegal content.

Recently, the Minister of Information and Communications has signed a directive on strengthening the prevention and combat of law violations and crimes on the Internet. Accordingly, over the past time, the situation of law violations and crimes on the Internet has become complicated, causing frustration in public opinion, affecting security, order, production and business activities of the company. businesses and people’s lives.

The state of buying and selling information of individuals and organizations; spreading and sharing fake news and false information causing confusion in society; insulting the honor and dignity of individuals and the reputation of organizations ; Distributing information against the Party and State and sabotaging the great national unity bloc is complicated.

Besides, fraudulent forms of property appropriation; gambling and gambling organization; smuggling, commercial fraud and fake goods online, cyberattacks and malicious code distribution… tend to increase”, the Ministry of Information and Communications assessed the current situation, thereby assigning specific tasks to relevant units. such as the Department of Information Security, the Department of Radio – Television and Electronic Information, telecommunications operators,…

There are organizations and individuals that are breaking the law when livestreaming on YouTube and Facebook.

After that, the Ministry of Information and Communications continued to send documents to the People’s Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities on strengthening the management and handling of violating information on social networks.

The document states: Through the state management of online information, the Ministry of Information and Communications has found that recently, there has been a phenomenon of some objects taking advantage of the features of social networks such as: Online broadcasting , share images, video clips, exchange in groups (group chat) … to post content that violates the law.

In which, mainly offending the honor and dignity of other organizations and individuals; use offensive language, violate fine customs and traditions; spreading fake news, false news; advertising, trading in illegal services… causing irritation in public opinion, affecting social order and safety.

In order to promptly grasp and take measures to correct this phenomenon, to avoid causing negative impacts on public opinion, especially for young people, the Ministry of Information and Communications asked the People’s Committee of provinces and centrally run cities to direct the Department of Information and Communications , police of provinces and cities strengthen scanning and timely detection of illegal content in cyberspace, especially social media; actively handle violators in the area.

In case the identity and identity of the violator cannot be identified, the agencies are requested to coordinate with the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Public Security to take appropriate measures to prevent and handle.


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