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The most searched car brand in 2020

Among the 21 car brands in the world, Toyota is the most searched car company in 2020.

As reported by BurrowOver the past three years, 2018 – 2020, Toyota overtook BMW to become the most searched car brand in the world.

Toyota, the most searched car brand in 2020. Photo: Toyota

In 2020, the Japanese car manufacturer topped the global search rankings with 34.8%. Particularly in 2018, the search results reached 41.1%, while in 2019 it plummeted to 17.7%. According to experts, Toyota is looking for a lot for its global vehicle portfolio, as well as design changes.

The report compiled from Google’s trend data from 158 countries in 2018, 2019 and 2020. BMW took the throne in 2020 due to its market share falling from 74.8 percent in 2019 to 21.5 percent. In three years, the German automaker reached 38.3% of searches, compared with 31.3% of Toyota’s market share.

Newspaper’s Burrow did not cite Tesla as the world’s most valuable car maker in 2020, but said Ford was the most sought-after brand in the US, while in India it was Kia, the Korean car brand.

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