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The moving farewell of the Stade Niçois to James Lasis, seriously injured, before his return to England

Thursday, the players of the National club said goodbye to their second-line, seriously injured in the neck, who will continue his rehabilitation in his native country.

Applause and tears for a heartbreaking goodbye. Thursday, at the Pasteur hospital in Nice, James Lasis’ teammates were all there for the departure of their English teammate. Seriously injured in the neck in April during a National match against Narbonne, the 25-year-old second-row returned to England to continue his heavy rehabilitation.

They were all there, managers, coach and players of the Stade Niçois, to greet him, express their full support, say that they would not stop thinking of him. The CHU staff too, who have been taking care of him for five months, are assisting in his efforts, observing the progress of the one they have nicknamed the “Big man“. Victim of a dislocation of the C3 / C4 cervical joint on a collapsed scrum, James Lasis (1.95 m) has been fighting on a daily basis. Beginning to regain the use of speech, working hard to improve his respiratory functions.

Today, after having contracted Covid-19, suffered pneumonia, urinary tract infections, a bone infection, the Englishman will continue on his way to a hoped-for recovery across the Channel. He will join the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital in Aylesbury, west London, specializing in these complicated cases. “The FFR and the Matt Hampson Foundation worked together to bring James to the best possible place for his recovery“, Commented the family of the English player, who are also” incredibly grateful for all the support provided so far.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, so any additional support is invaluable in helping James win this fight to regain some semblance of life.»With initial progress. James Lansis can “go up to 3 hours without a respirator and without assistance», Revealed his relatives. It was just goodbye. Recovered, the young player will return to Nice to thank all his partners who have never ceased to be in support.


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