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The mysterious website belongs to TGDD, just aired on October 10

Sunday, October 10, 2021 10:29 AM (GMT+7)

A website with the domain has just appeared and is introduced as a new member of Mobile World.

On October 10, a website with the domain appeared and was introduced as a new member of Mobile World. This website is in the “Coming Soon 22/10” status, it is not clear what business it will operate in. interface

Currently, users accessing the website can participate in a mini game (from now until 10pm on October 15) with gifts of new iPhones and new iPads. However, players should note that playing the game must log in with a Facebook or Google account, but cannot register for a separate account or play freely (no account registration).

When entering the mini-game interface, the screen will appear the question “In your opinion, what is TopZone?” with 5 options: New chain in foreign markets, High-end fashion store chain, High-end technology store chain, Samsung brand shop chain, and Oppo brand shop chain.

The mysterious website belongs to TGDD, just aired on October 10 - 3

Questions in the mini game.

Some information temporarily revealed above is that Mr. Doan Van Hieu Em – CEO of Mobile World system and Dien May Xanh will have an official launch of and announce the results of the above contest at 20 pm at night. 16/10.

With the name TopZone displayed in up to 4 colors and a mini-game banner aimed directly at women (using an icon like a pregnancy test and childbirth), many people guessed that this could be a chain store. high fashion.

Talking to PV, a representative of The Gioi Di Dong confirmed that this is indeed a website belonging to this group. However, the representative refused to disclose details.


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A leader of the Office of the People’s Committee of Ca Mau province confirmed the information that the dogs had been destroyed.


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