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The National Assembly could reconsider the request for lifting of parliamentary immunity of Benoît Simian

The presidency of the National Assembly announced this Thursday, January 21 that it would agree to re-examine a request for the lifting of parliamentary immunity from the deputy of Gironde Benoît Simian (Freedoms and territories), reports “the World”. A first request was rejected last December, while the elected official is the subject of an investigation for moral harassment.

This turnaround would be due to an investigation by “Le Monde”, which affirms that the deputy sought to avoid summons from the courts and the gendarmes in charge of the case. “We did not know that Benoît Simian had not attended certain summons, and we did not know his attitude with the police either”, explained the cabinet of the President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, according to the daily.

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The survey of the “World” described in particular how Benoît Simian would have described himself as “A sales representative” with gendarmes having surprised him at his ex-partner’s house, while he was prohibited from appearing at the marital home.

“Our assembly cannot take it upon itself. But, in view of the new elements which have been brought to our attention, we will not put any opposition to meeting once again the bureau of the Assembly ”, added the firm of Richard Ferrand.

“The article of World reports facts of which the delegation responsible for examining the lifting of parliamentary immunity was not aware ”, confirmed a deputy, member of the Bureau of the National Assembly, to AFP.

A custody measure estimated “not sufficiently substantiated”

The Office of the National Assembly rejected Wednesday, December 9 the request of the Bordeaux justice to lift the parliamentary immunity of Benoît Simian, ex-LREM, in order to hear him in police custody in an investigation for harassment, as part of of a “Stormy separation” matched with “Cross complaints” for violence.

At the time, the Bureau argued that Benoît Simian “Has never shied away from justice but, on the contrary, has always complied with the summons to free hearings sent to him by the gendarmerie services; that he undertook to remain at the entire disposal of justice and to comply with summons to new free hearings as long as necessary “.

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Although, in its request formulated in September, the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office stressed that a custody measure was the “Only way now” put at his disposal “To force him to come and explain himself and set the limits of his actions”, the Bureau of the Assembly considered that the hearing under this system of deprivation of liberties “Does not appear to be sufficiently substantiated to be considered necessary”.

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