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The new generation Honda Wave 110i starts at $ 1,200

ThailandPopular motorcycle model upgraded with many details from frame to engine, selling 4 versions.

Wave 110i new generation launched in the country of golden pagoda with many innovations, from design to technology. The Japanese automaker uses a new frame to reduce weight, equipped with LED headlights, a new dashboard with an LCD screen that displays a lot of vehicle information. The under seat storage compartment expands storage space by 35%, while the fuel tank capacity increases to 5 liters.

New generation Wave 110i sold in Thailand. Image: Honda’s motobike

The new generation Wave 110i is equipped with a new engine that the company calls the Honda Smart Engine, a one-cylinder machine with a capacity of 110 cc, with electronic fuel injection. Four-speed gearbox. According to the Japanese automaker, the Honda Wave 110i 2021 has a fuel consumption of 1.3 liters / 100 km.

Vehicles equipped with safety with front disc brake or drum brake on both wheels, optional cast rim or spokes. Honda Wave 110i 2021 sold in Thailand with a standard version (drum brakes, spokes, pedal start) for $ 1,200. Disc brake, spokes, starter need pedal cost 1,300 USD. Disc brakes, spokes, electric starter cost $ 1,400 and the molded rim, electric starter, disc brake cost $ 1,500.

In the Vietnamese market, Honda sells three models of 110 cc engines, including Wave Alpha 110 priced from 17.8 million, Blade 110 priced from 18.8 million and Wave RSX FI 110 priced from 21.7 million.

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