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The observatory caught a strange signal from the center of the galaxy containing the Earth

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 08:05 AM (GMT+7)

This strange radio signal may belong to a mystery that has never been recorded by science before.

According to Sci-News, astronomers used CISRO’s ASKAP radio-electron telescope (Australia) and the South African MeerKAT Radio Astronomy Observatory to detect and characterize ASKAP J173608.2. -321635, a highly variable, highly polarized, steep-spectrum radio source that lies only 4 degrees from the center of the Earth-containing galaxy.

The center of the galaxy containing the Earth is broadcasting a strange signal that two observatories on Earth have just caught – Graphic image: Sebastian Zentilomo

The analysis results in turn rule out common sources of radio signals such as powerful stars, neutron stars, X-ray duplicates… According to the study just published in the Astrophysical Journal, ASKAP J173608. 2-321635 seems to belong to something new, unrecorded in the history of radio astronomy.

According to Professor Tara Murphy from the Institute of Astronomy Sydney, at the University of Sydney and OzGrav, ASKAP picked up six strange signals in the form of radio waves from a date source within nine months of 2020. They tried to find the object. signal under visual light, but see nothing in particular.

The observatory caught a strange signal from the center of the galaxy containing the Earth - 2

The place where the strange signal is emitted: the sign (+) is the point identified by ASKAP, the sign (x) is the point MeerKAT determined, in which the point MeerKAT determined is said to be more accurate – Photo: ASKAP/MeerKAT

They then turned to the Parker Observatory (CISRO), but again to no avail. MeerKAT was enlisted and fortunately this super telescope has correctly marked the source of the signal, but what it is is still a mystery that is being studied further.

“This object is special in that it starts out invisible, becomes bright, fades and then reappears. This behavior is extraordinary,” said Professor Murphy.


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