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The officers used to joke with Raja Bhaiya in jail, after becoming the prison minister, such help was given

Raja Bhaiya, MLA from Kunda in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, told that the officers used to make fun of him in the jail. But later he became the Minister of Prisons.

In view of the assembly elections going to be held in Uttar Pradesh, Raja Bhaiya, MLA from Kunda of Pratapgarh, is once again in the discussion. Raja Bhaiya has made it clear that this time his party will tie up with like-minded parties. However, so far he has not announced an alliance with any party. Raja Bhaiya contested the assembly elections for the first time in the year 1993 and had a landslide victory in this election. Since then he was elected MLA from Kunda for seven consecutive terms.

He had to face a lot of ups and downs in the political journey of Raja Bhaiya. In 2002, during the BSP government, he was arrested and sent to jail. In the Mayawati government, this action on Raja Bhaiya was done on the complaint of BJP MLA Puran Singh Bundela. Raja Bhaiya had narrated an anecdote during a conversation with ‘News24’. He had told, ‘You were picked up and sent to jail at 3 in the morning under Mayawati’s government?’

Raja Bhaiya’s answer: In response to this, smiling, he said, ‘It has been very good for us. We are not saying that only criminals should go to jail. People go to jail for political reasons. This also enhances the personality and gives a lot of experience. Many officers in the jail used to say that you know all our shortcomings. If you become the prison minister by mistake then you all will understand what we do, from where we earn money.

Raja Bhaiya further says, ‘All this we used to make fun of with him because we have gone to many jails. The same thing happened later, our tenure was very short, but during that time we made many reforms. Special attention was paid to the lifestyle of the officers, employees and the facilities available in the jail. For this our tenure is remembered till date and no officer can call it bad.

Who is the political guru? Raja Bhaiya had told, ‘He considers Sardar Patel as his political guru and follows his ideas only. Mulayam Singh Yadav ji is very senior to us and we also learn everything from him. But it is not right to call him our political guru. He was respected, is and always will be.


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