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The PC-Covid app upgrade has important changes

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 20:30 PM (GMT+7)

The developer of the PC-Covid application has added some features in the upgraded version, allowing users to select Covid Cards by province.

From the morning of October 6, the updated version 4.0.4 of the PC-Covid application appeared on the App Store for users to upgrade.

According to the application developer’s announcement, version 4.0.4 will update the Covid card selection by province, fix some interface errors and optimize performance. Users of iOS devices can access the App Store to upgrade.

The new version of the PC-Covid app (right) has lighter colors

In the new version of this unique Covid-19 epidemic prevention application, the developer has changed the color of the Covid card. Accordingly, the color of the edited Covid card becomes light blue compared to the previous dark blue.

Earlier, the National Center for Technology for Covid-19 Prevention and Control said that at the time of app release, the default color on people’s Covid cards is green (dark color) along with a black QR code. .

However, with this default blue background color, many people are confused that it is the Covid green card. Faced with this situation, the Ministry of Information and Communications has directed the National Center for Technology for Covid-19 Prevention and Control to redesign the default card to a different, more translucent blue color for easy identification.

The PC-Covid application upgrade has important changes - 3

User can choose Covid Card by locality

With the upgraded version 4.0.4, in the Covid information card section, users can choose the locality to apply. Which locality the user is in, can be selected in the corresponding list.

Besides, this version also adds a feature to hide QR information, helping users better protect information. The “Medical declaration” feature has also been optimized, users can manipulate and send medical declarations at a faster speed than before.

Earlier, at an online seminar to introduce the application for national prevention and control of the PC-Covid epidemic organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications on October 1, the representative of the National Center for Technology for Covid-19 Prevention and Control The expert explained whether PC-Covid was merely an upgrade from the Bluzone application.

Accordingly, in order for PC-Covid to quickly reach people, the best way is to choose current applications to upgrade to. Bluezone is having the most installs, with 20 million users. The NCOVI app has lower installs, with nearly 10 million users. If the user has installed Bluezone, just update to version 4.0, the application will automatically convert to PC-Covid.

“PC-Covid application is not just an upgrade of Bluezone. PC-Covid behind it is many large platforms, only 1 information displayed on it must also have a system with complex business processes. Also for this reason, when putting PC-Covid on the app stores, both Google and Apple carefully appraise and browse for a long time, “- said the center’s representative.

The PC-Covid app upgrade has important changes - 4

PC-Covid update optimized performance

Responding to users’ concerns about the security of information when installing the application, a representative of the center said that the application did not record nor use the user’s location. When installing the application on Android and activating Bluetooth, the device will ask for location permission. “This is due to Google’s policy when turning on Bluetooth BLE, the device will automatically ask for location permission. However, PC-Covid does not use that permission”- the center representative emphasized and added, all The granted rights of PC-Covid only serve the needs of epidemic prevention.

A representative of the application development unit confirmed that PC-Covid only stores contact history data on the user’s device and does not collect location. Contact history data is only used to serve health authorities with the consent of the user or in case the user is an infected or suspected case. User’s data for analysis and tracing of infections and suspected cases will be stored and secured by Government agencies and used only for the purpose of helping people protect their health and fight epidemics. absolutely do not use for commercial purposes, do not invade private life.


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