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The planet next to Earth appears to help life arise?

Monday, December 6, 2021 15:00 PM (GMT+7)

A surprising piece of evidence has just been discovered on Venus – the planet that was once a “clone” of Earth – bringing scientists closer to their hope of finding life.

New research published in The Planetary Science Journal has found shocking evidence of volcanic activity in Idunn Mons of Venus – the planet that NASA and several space agencies are targeting in their hunt for life. alien.

Interesting images of Idunn Mons captured by the Magellan spacecraft – Photo: NASA

According to, an international research team led by planetary astronomer Piero D’Incecco from the Institute of Arctic Planetary Sciences (Finland) used data from the ESA’s Venus Express orbiter (the ESA). European Space Station) and NASA’s Magellan spacecraft, identified evidence that “unexplained” signals in Idunn Mons are indicative of volcanic activity.

While the Venus Express captured images of lava flows throughout Idunn Mons, Magellan captured clear images of Sandel, the crater.

New analysis shows that conditions on Venus will cause lava to decompose faster than previously calculated, so any trace of lava flows is evidence of a new volcanic activity , just over the past 1,000 years.

Evidence of a form of geological activity on Venus is particularly significant because it is the geological activity that helps balance the planet’s climate and atmosphere, promotes an environment necessary for life, and such as preserving the biochemical reactions necessary to create and sustain life. Of the planets of the solar system, only Earth is confirmed to be geologically active – plate tectonics.

The researchers hope the work will be a necessary “navigation” tool for future Venus exploration missions such as VERITAS and DAVINCI+.

NASA and ESA both consider Venus as a good candidate for the hunt for life, because there is much evidence that it was born as a twin brother of Earth, before the greenhouse effect. sabotage and become too hot, spinning too slowly. However, there are also published studies that have found signs of biological activity on this mysterious planet.


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