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“The Socialists have danced too much around ecology”, estimates Yannick Jadot

“Socialists have danced too much around ecology. “ Invited on the set of BFMTV, the candidate for the ecological primary Yannick Jadot closed the door to an alliance with the Socialist Party, after siding behind them in 2017.

“In 2017 I demonstrated that the cause of ecology came before me because at that time a socialist candidate was leaving his primary school, taking up an ecological program and it did not work as we did. would have liked “, said the candidate, assuring that environmental activists had been consulted at the time.

But after five years of socialist government, Yannick Jadot believes that ecology is now “The only subject facing (…) the challenges of climate, biodiversity, health, which turns these major challenges into opportunities to relocate our economy, to protect our land, our cultural and natural heritage”.

“We are ready to rule”

“Do not come and tell us today that the most powerful software to solve the problems of the planet is socialist software. It is the ecological software “, hammered Yannick Jadot, for whom “Environmentalists have something to be proud of” after this first round of the primary.

Yannick Jadot or Sandrine Rousseau: which line to win?

The candidate, who came first in the first round of the primary with 27.70% of the vote, had launched earlier in the day: “We cannot afford another five years of Emmanuel Macron. We are going to demonstrate how much we are ready to govern, how ambitious our solutions are. “

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Sandrine Rousseau also hinted that she would not rally behind a socialist candidacy. The second round of the ecological primary is to be held on September 25 and 28.

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