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The Sperone golf affair: a podcast from our series “At the heart of crime”

The phone call lasted a few minutes and goes back almost twenty-five years. But Pascal Garbarini ensures that he will remember it until the end of his days. ” And for good reason, he said, I almost lost my lawyer dress there, and even my life … “ Not to mention his ideals that fell apart in the months that followed, with the brief telephone conversation having engendered all manner of consequences – including unexpected sentimental jolts – which, in the end, were more effective in undermining the nationalist movement than any of them. the assaults of the Raid or the GIGN combined. But let’s not anticipate.

The “Sperone golf course” affair

The cursed call dates from December 10, 1996. “Master Garbarini, you will tell your Gulliver that my name is not Dumb! », Launches a furious voice in the receiver. The lawyer, then 32 years old and Parisian tenor in the making, remains silent. He has already heard green and unripe ones on the island. But the extraordinary trips to Lilliput or the dwarves of Snow White are out of the ordinary. Perhaps because the man who gives him soap on the phone, Jacques Dewez, is a pinzutu, as they say in Corsica: a French from the continent. Former fighter pilot converted into real estate development, he is also the proud owner of a golf course, ranked among the most beautiful in the world, located in Sperone, south of Bonifacio, in the middle of the maquis, with a view breathtaking.

In this corner of paradise, however, peace has once again been disturbed in this winter of 1996. This is why Jacques Dewez gasps with anger. And that is why he complains to Pascal Garbarini, lawyer for the nationalist leaders. The night before, he finally explained to her, he received a visit from an enigmatic “Mr. Gulliver”. In the name of the FLNC (Corsican National Liberation Front), it wanted to extort 4 million francs from it. A sum corresponding to the famous “revolutionary tax” practiced by armed nationalists and to which Dewez refused to submit.

Two years earlier, his golf course has already been plasticized. But he won’t give in. No way to pay, he storms in M’s eare Garbarini. Alas, forty-eight hours later, on December 12, his green was blown a second time and the island authorities reacted more quickly than usual. Barely three days pass before the arrest of a man, or rather a woman suspected of being at the origin of the attempted extortion: Marie-Hélène Mattei. In other words, one of the muses of the Corsican nationalist movement, a staunch defender of the activists and bombers of the FLNC.

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This podcast was produced by Julien Bouisset. An interview signed by Matthieu Aron. A montage by Cyril Bonnet. Music by Mikhaël Gautier. Editorial direction, Matthieu Aron.

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