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“The Swan of Heroes”, a first feature film 100% “made in Sarthe”

This is the story of a little girl in search of a father figure. “The Swan of Heroes” was released in cinemas on January 12. Entirely shot in Sarthe with a local cast, this is the first feature film by Claude Saussereau, a teacher in another life.

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An ode to childhood and to a territory. The Swan of Heroes, the first feature film by screenwriter and director Claude Saussereau, was shot entirely in Sarthe with a largely local cast, like the main role, that of Lola Loiseau, played by the young Rachel Nasschaert.


A child looking for her father discovers by chance that her new neighbor is wearing an electronic ankle bracelet. Thinking he is dealing with a superhero, the child does everything possible to gain his trust so that he can help him find his father.

Claude Saussereau (on the right) in front of the flying machine of the "swan of heroes".  (France 3 Pays de la Loire)

This story, Claude Saussereau carried it in him for a long time already: “I wanted to deal with a theme that I had already explored in my short films, so the idea was to continue this journey through childhood and develop a main character who was a childAnd after having auditioned 300 children from Sarthe where he lives and works, the teacher-filmmaker found his Lola in the person of Rachel Nasschaert, a sparkling little brunette with a disarming naturalness.

Even if The Swan of Heroes is his first feature film, Claude Saussereau already has solid experience in cinema, his lifelong passion. After having collaborated at the end of the 90s with Rouget the poacher by Gilles Cousin (another Sarthois!), he continues to make short films, some of which, like For the love of Joan (2002) and The other departures have been awarded numerous prizes. Claude Saussereau is also the director and founder of the Festival des 24 courts which will be held in Sarthe on January 28, February 4.5 and 6.

“The Swan of Heroes” by Claude Saussereau with Rachel Nasschaert, Raphaël Asmoni, Paul Linte, Chrystelle Labaude, Mélanie Peyre…In theaters since January 12, 2022.

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