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The telescope captures a hair-shaped strange object, tying a series of galaxies

Thursday, December 24, 2020, 15:00 PM (GMT + 7)

An impossibly grand structure was captured by an international team of astronomers, bearing the shape of a long and brilliant stream of hair connecting galaxies.

In the course of studying the A3391 / 95 group of objects, a group of three clusters of galaxies 700 million light years from Earth, scientists have discovered, according to a publication in the scientific journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. much greater and far more bizarre.

The image shows the dense matter of the universe under the X-ray telescope, is part of the giant network that has just been observed – Photo: Astronomy & Astrophysics

Through the “divine eye” of the eROSITA X-ray telescope, they discovered an unknown structure, consisting of many fine wires, like a giant hair that connects the three clusters of galaxies above and many more. another thing in the universe.

According to Dr. Thomas Reiprich from the University of Bonn (Germany), the lead author of the study, this structure is mainly made of bayrionic, or “missing matter in the universe”, made up of protons and neutron. According to previous calculations, the galaxies contain only 40% of this matter, the rest is hidden by the universe in ghost structures that cannot be seen by the human eye or any telescope.

Citing the article on Live Science revealed the size of the “monster” hair stream is even more shocking: 50 million light years long, or 500 times the diameter of the galaxy containing the Earth Milky Way. With the aforementioned surprising discovery, astronomers hope to be able to analyze these “ghost hair springs” to find out their role in cosmic evolution.

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