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The US lacks a dedicated tank truck driver

People who have been at home for too long because of the pandemic are planning to go out this summer could face the risk of a gas shortage.

About 20-25% of tank trucks of the US National Truck Organization (NTTC) are lying still due to the lack of specialized drivers. At this time in 2019, only 10% of cars have to be parked for the same reason.

Rayn Streblow, vice president of NTTC said: “We had a shortage of drivers, but the epidemic made it difficult and spread. It is clear that the situation is getting worse.”

A fuel tank truck – specialized vehicles require special qualifications compared to some other trucks. Image: Transport Topics

A variety of factors were at play, from the fact that fuel demand plummeted in the early days of the Covid-19 epidemic, to aging workers and drivers unwilling to compromise with the new safety rules. Above all, many truck driving schools have to close due to epidemic prevention regulations and the lack of new driver class availability, with consequences happening. In addition, periodic inspections of drivers to find out if they are using banned substances have also resulted in about 40,000-60,000 people being fired in the past year.

In fact, not every truck driver is allowed to drive a tank. Fuel lines require a special license, which includes a separate driver’s license as well as a period of training after being hired. In addition, this job also requires the driver to be ready to be away from home for days or weeks and it is not an easy request.

Gas stations can have trouble transporting and may run out of fuel to sell. This will also continue to have a negative impact on the tourism industry, as fuel stations in popular attractions will be affected the most, one analyst said.

Even if that doesn’t happen, consumers may have to spend more money on fuel as truck companies are increasing in attracting drivers and these costs will be pushed to customers.

The data now shows that rebound hotel bookings are higher than airline bookings, suggesting that people are planning to drive themselves to the resort, take a tour instead of going by road. air.

All of these factors can put pressure on fuel prices – which basically increases every summer.

America – England (according to the CNN)


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