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The way Vietnamese people pick up their children is ruining future generations

The act of indiscriminately stopping or parking a car to pick up a child at the school gate can ruin a generation of traffic in the future.

When I go to work or work early in the morning, I often avoid the roads with schools. It may take miles, but I certainly save more than half an hour to an hour.

It is not difficult to see every end-of-school hour from schools, motorbikes, cars, large and small, parked innocently. Motorbikes and cars parked on the sidewalk, close to the sidewalk, and then two, three, four rows along the horizontal line blocked the path of other vehicles. The traffic in these points quickly became chaotic.

The warning lights, brake lights of the car flashed wildly, going back and forth while the motorbikes squeezed into the remaining empty spaces. With the efforts of the authorities or protecting the school, students rush from the school to the cars where parents or family members are waiting – messy, dangerous lurking.

Things go on like that every day of the school year for quite a few years, like a habit of almost no solution to powerlessness. Invisible, when the traffic is old enough, the other students may think it is right not to park the adult’s car and this behavior will continue to be inherited.

This is just one of the bad participation habits of adults, it is difficult to ensure that later, learning traffic law will change their thinking with what today they witness again and again in the chain. day is so long …

Nguyen Vu

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