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The web of death spans 2,100 light-years from Earth: The Future of the Sun?

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 16:30 PM (GMT + 7)

NASA has just released special images of the Veil nebula, which have been identified as a web-like remnant of a giant dead star.

According to NASA, this location 2,100 light-years from Earth used to be home to a star 20 times larger than the Sun. It exploded into a supernova 10,000 years ago, roughly the same time that Earth had just ended its last ice age. Its ruin is the Cygnus Loop, with the visible part of the Veil nebula.

The Veil nebula is a light spider web with beautiful ionized gas filaments – Photo: NASA

The images taken by NASA’s Hubble space telescope and ESA (the European Space Agency) show a beautiful “spider web” woven with strands of ionized gas. This nebula is among the most famous in the universe because the distance between it and the Earth is close enough for easy viewing by astronomical lenses.

Using new treatment techniques, ionized hydrogen and nitrogen are shown in red, while double ionized oxygen appears in blue. This beautiful runoff continues to expand, reaching speeds of up to 932,000 mph in some directions.

“The fast-moving wave from ancient explosions is plowing through a wall of cold, denser interstellar gas, emitting light. The nebula lies along the edge of a large, low-density bubble of air. blown into space by a dying star, that is, before it explodes “- the Daily Mail quoted a comment from NASA.

Nebulae like these are considered “windows of time”, helping us to see the future of the Sun. Earth’s oldest mother star is predicted to run out of energy within the next 5 billion years, then burst into a red giant before collapsing and continuing to collapse, with the ultimate destination being a supernova. – brilliant death.

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