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The woman rides a motorbike to hit the hammock, knocking over others

Thanh HoaThe woman did not wear a helmet, recklessly crossed the bridge, swung into the opposite lane, and hit a motorcyclist.

Traffic situation: The woman, without a helmet, rode her motorbike across the lane to pass cars while crossing a narrow section at Cau De, Minh Loc, Hau Loc. This person also swayed the motorcycle to the opposite lane and could not avoid it, so he hit a pedestrian who was also another woman.

The impact caused both motorbikes to fall, and the woman without a helmet was thrown into the car next to her. Fortunately, no one’s life was affected.

Driving skills: On a narrow bridge, vehicles participating in traffic must stay in their lanes and must not cross lanes to pass other vehicles. Motorcyclists must wear helmets when participating in traffic.

Penalize: According to Decree 123/2021 amending a number of decrees on fines for administrative violations in traffic, motorcyclists and mopeds who do not wear helmets will be fined from 400,000 to 600,000 VND.

At Diem b, Clause 7, Article 6 of Decree 100/2019, a fine of between VND 4-5 million will be imposed on motorcyclists and motorbike drivers who fail to pay attention to observe, overtake or change lanes in contravention of regulations, causing traffic accident, not following the right part of the road or lane. In addition, the right to use the driver’s license is suspended for 2-4 months.

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