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The world of kings comes into the game with Hero AFK: King of Kings

Hero AFK: Vuong Quyen Chien is a vertical screen hands-free game with beautiful 3D graphics.

Hero AFK: Vuong Quyen Chien is a hands-free general strategy card game (Idle RPG), officially available at the same time in 4 countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Up to now, Hero AFK: Vuong Quyen Chien is the first vertical screen Idle RPG game in Vietnam with 3D graphics.

Hero AFK: Vuong Quyen Chien’s vertical screen interface.

Possessing cinema-quality 3D graphics when using a new generation of realistic models, GPU particle effects and PBR rendering technology, “trending” vertical screens like TikTok, Idle elements without pressure to plug in, plow level with 6vs6 arena system, Hero AFK: Vuong Quyen Chien promises to bring gamers a new experience, completely different from the plowing RPG games on the market today.

With vertical screen 3D graphics, the functional button clusters are optimally arranged by the game team to bring a neat, easy-to-remember, easy-to-operate feeling. Besides, the first-person perspective of the game also makes the player’s journey of discovery more realistic and stimulating.

Hero AFK: Vuong Quyen Chien paints a surreal magical world with a massive system of heroes (generals), European-style shaping with high artistic investment from details of costumes, weapons to effects. Epic animations every time you fight.

The world of kings enters the game with Hero AFK: Vuong Quyen Chien - 3

Players can rate from 1 to 5 stars for their hero right in the game.

The characteristic of the Idle genre (hands-free) is that when the player does not need to plug in the plow, or log in on time to do the task, they still receive resources and level up regularly. Every day, just 10 minutes into the game, gamers can receive countless rewards to continue their journey to find the ancient crown and protect the world from the dark forces.

The longer the online time in the game, the more gifts the player will receive. Plus easy-to-understand gameplay, easy to get used to, Hero AFK: King Quyen Chien promises to quickly become the game of everyone, every home; especially for players with busy study and work schedules.

In particular, Hero AFK: Vuong Quyen Chien also has a multi battle mode – ie fighting at the same time at multiple interfaces, helping players save time on tasks than traditional Idle games and speed up the leveling process.

The game owns a character store of more than 100 heroes, divided into 6 clans: Wind, Water, Fire, Light, Darkness and Chaos; since then divided into 3 clusters: Wind – Water – Fire, Light – Darkness and Chaos. With excellent strategy, players will calculate to choose to upgrade the main heroes; combine heroes of the same clan according to the corresponding number to increase the strength of the whole team…

Besides, Hero AFK: Vuong Quyen Chien also integrates the hero rating system in the game. Players who have successfully collected and used them can rate 1 to 5 stars for their character. This “vote” will be synced to the server for all other players to see. Thanks to that, other gamers can refer to and choose the right hero for the squad.


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