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There was no money to pay school fees, even after the accident, Shakti Singh gave UPSC

Shakti Singh Arya’s family did not even have money to pay his school fees. Today he is an IPS officer and he gives full credit for his success to his parents.

UPSC Exam: Every year lakhs of children try their hard work in the civil service exam, but only a select few get success in this exam. Sometimes the candidates get frustrated due to failure. Whereas some candidates consider their failure as their challenge and start working hard. A similar story is also of IPS officer Shakti Singh Arya.

Father used to work in the post office: Shakti Singh’s family is originally from Didwadi village in Panipat district of Haryana. He also did his early education in this school. He had told in an interview that his childhood had gone through a lot of difficulties and the family never had money even to pay school fees. His father Rajbir Singh is a postmaster, but the salary was not enough to run the family.

Had trouble speaking English: Shakti Singh had told, I had a very bad habit of losing pencil in my childhood. But the next day I could not get it many times even after asking for pencils because there was no money to buy pencils everyday. Many times I could not even pay the school fees, so I was thrown out of the class. After studying from Panipat, he came to Delhi and completed his further studies from here. During his graduation, he found it very difficult to speak English. He had told that many times I used to speak wrong English, due to which people used to laugh at me.

Secured 587 rank in UPSC CSE-2019 and got selected for IRS. He had remembered that this journey was not easy for me as I had a very bad accident before mains. I was going on a motorcycle and my helmet had gone away. As soon as I stood I saw that my head was right, hands and eyes were also fine. I thought now I can give the exam. I gave and cleared the exam. Shakti Singh did not give up his preparation even after this and was once again sitting in UPSC CSE-2020. This time he got 480 rank and he got selected for IPS.


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