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These 4 home remedies are considered effective in reducing hair fall in the winter season.

Hair fall treatment: In this way, everyone is waiting for the winter season. Many desire to pass the cold weather while enjoying laziness and delicious dishes. But from colds and colds to skin and hair damage, this season also brings with it some problems. Hair loses its strength in cold and dry weather. In such a situation, the dehydration in the hair becomes more due to which the problem of hair fall also increases. At the same time, according to Ayurveda science, when the metabolism of the body becomes irregular, then the problem of hair fall and hair loss becomes more. Let us know the 4 home remedies to be taken to prevent this –

Use this mixture: According to experts, to get rid of hair fall, you should take 50 grams clove powder, 50 grams cinnamon powder and 15 grams red chili powder. Heat 100 ml virgin coconut oil. Then mix all three powders in this oil. Massage with this oil on the part of the head from which hair is falling or falling, and keep it overnight. Wash hair in the morning with a gentle shampoo.

Make oil from curry leaves: Take some coconut oil in a small vessel and add curry leaves to it. Offer water in a large vessel over the gas to heat it. When the water becomes hot, reduce the heat. Now put the bowl containing coconut oil in this big pot. By doing this, coconut oil will also be heated gradually. Let the oil remain on the gas until it becomes black in the oil. After this, turn off the gas and let the oil cool down. Finally, filter out the frozen blackness and curry leaves in the oil and take out the remaining oil properly. Use this oil at least twice a week.

Make oil from pumpkin seeds: Make a powder by grinding pumpkin seeds. Take 100 grams of this powder and heat it by adding 200 grams of mustard oil. Also, add 100 grams of gooseberry to it. Now refrigerate it at room temperature. Apply it to the affected areas.

Use this hair paste: Take 50 ml virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, 50 mL sesame oil and 25 mL castor oil. Now heat it for 2 to 3 minutes. Add about 15 grams of garlic paste and add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Now let it cool and then keep it in the hair for about 2 hours, then wash it.

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