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These 4 home remedies are effective in making white hair black again, know

Tips to remove white / gray hair: The problem of white hair has become very common nowadays. Due to unhealthy lifestyle and bad food, many people get their hair white before age. Many times people have to face embarrassment due to white hair. People use hair care products to hide them. However, the chemicals present in those products cause more damage to the hair. Due to these chemicals, other problems related to hair also start, such as hair loss, dandruff. In such a situation, home remedies can prove to be very effective for you to darken hair.

Onion juice: Onion juice is rich in vitamins and minerals. It provides nourishment to the hair. Using it regularly prevents hair breakage. Onion juice gives strength to the hair, thereby improving hair growth. Onion juice is also beneficial to remove the problem of scalp.

Fenugreek: Fenugreek seeds or seeds also prove to be effective in eliminating untimely hair problems. People use this household material to overcome not only white hair but also many hair problems like dandruff, hairfall and baldness. Fenugreek seeds contain vitamin-A, K and C, which helps to overcome the problem of white hair. It also removes itching on scalp.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera is effective in removing all the problems from white hair to hair. It contains proteolytic enzymes, which are effective in removing dead cells of the scalp. Also conditioning them and also make the hair beautiful and shiny. In addition, it also helps in reducing itching and dandruff of hair.

Gooseberry: Amla is considered very beneficial for hair. It is found in plenty of anti-oxidants and vitamin A. One study found that Amla promotes hair growth by inhibiting the activity of alpha-5 reductase. Amla is also effective in improving the quality of hair.

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