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These 5 home remedies are helpful in reducing hairfall problems

Hair fall treatment: In winter, not only health, hair problems also cause problems for people. Dryness in the atmosphere increases during the cold months. It is difficult to take care of the hair between this dry and cool air because due to this the nutrition in the hair is almost lost. Also, the problem of dehydration in hair increases in winter. This is the reason why hair breakage becomes very common in this season. Not only this, metabolicism of people becomes uncontrolled in winter, it also increases the problem of hair breakage.

People are advised to include some essential elements in their hair care routine to avoid hairfall. Let’s know –

Azadirachta indica: These green leaves have anti-bacterial properties which are helpful in removing fungal infections. By this, the fiber reaches the head in plenty, which provides nourishment to the hair. Also, its use is able to overcome the problem of dehydration. This keeps hair hydrated and strengthens them.

Bhringraj oil: Bhringraj reduces hair loss. Apart from hairfall, this oil can also help in preventing dandruff. Experts also recommend the use of Bhringraj oil for better hair health. It also contains Vitamin-E, which is considered suitable for hair growth.

Curry leaf: Everyone uses curry leaves for taste, but curry leaves for hair are no less than a panacea. These leaves are full of anti-oxidants and proteins which are helpful in preventing hairfall and darkening white hair.

Gooseberry: Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin-C, which is helpful in relieving hairfall problems. Also, it contains abundant minerals which are beneficial for hair.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is also beneficial for hair because in most of its cases, there are no side effects. It provides moisturization to the hair and relieves breakage.

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