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These are not masks, they are air purifiers on the go, know what is their specialty

Electric Mask: The increasing number of vehicles in the country and the world is now intimidating. The result is that almost all the big cities of the world are in the grip of pollution in a terrible way and this scope is now increasing to small cities also. On the other hand, technology is also making every effort to deal with it. Air purifier masks of some companies are available in the market. Which work to give some relief in such a situation. Let us tell you about their price and features.

Price and Specifications

The starting price of this device starts from Rs 20,990. An air purifier also comes in almost this. The HEPA filter present in this device filters out the dust particles as well as the harmful particles present in the air. Its design is such that it can be used for a long time.

LG’s PuriCare mask comes with two color options (Ocean Black and Creamy White) and an inbuilt battery. Its battery gives a backup of 8 hours. Also in this wearable air purifier, dual fans have been used with two H13 HEPA filters and three level speed.

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works like this

Apart from this, the respiratory sensor present in it adjusts the fan according to the speed of your breathing. Notification also comes on your phone when the filter is dirty. It has an inbuilt mic to talk on the phone.

Apart from this, there is another bearable air purifier AIR Tammer in the market. It also has a HEPA filter and is priced at Rs 9,999. It can also be purchased from online shopping website. Weighing 50 grams, this device can be charged from the USB port. There is also a button to turn it on and off. By using both these devices, you can get relief from air pollution to a great extent.

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