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These bedtime habits make hair weak, keep these things in mind to reduce hair fall

Hair Care Tips: Some hair breakage is not as tough as combing, but hair loss can cause problems for anyone all the time. It is imperative to be aware of your hair because good hair enhances people’s personality more. Hair fall problem is very common today. Most people blame it for pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal changes. However, apart from this, there are many factors of hair fall in which how you sleep also matters.

Do not sleep in wet hair: Bathing with lukewarm water at night and a good hair wash relieves all the fatigue of the day. But if you sleep at night in wet hair, then it can prove to be harmful from the point of view of hair care. Wet hair is very weak, so there is a risk of hair breakage.

Also, dandruff, fungal and bacterial infections are also more likely in this condition. When you do not apply a towel on wet hair, it causes dryness in the scalp. Due to this, the production of oil starts in the hair and people get caught in oily hair.

Go to sleep after combing: People can save their hair from breaking even by taking care of special things related to combing. Wet hair should not be combed immediately after bathing. At the same time, it is always beneficial to unravel the hair before sleeping. Without getting combed, the hair gets tangled earlier, due to turning it gets more tangled which causes more hair breakage.

Sleep on a pillow like this: According to experts, the kind of pillow people sleep on is also necessary to maintain the quality of hair. Those who sleep on cotton pillows should replace it immediately. According to experts, the element present in the cotton hair absorbs the natural moistur, making the hair dry. Also, the problem of tangled and falling hair also increases. Try to sleep with a cover made of silk or satin in a pillow.

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