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These changes should be made in your diet to prevent hair loss, know what can be the reason

It is becoming common to see this problem in men even at the age of 20-30 years. We need to catch this disease as soon as possible.

Hair fall is becoming a common problem these days due to diet, lifestyle, pollution. This problem is also seen in women, but now it is spreading rapidly in men also. The same problem has been seen especially in very young men. This is the reason why timely treatment of this disease is very important. It is also named as ‘Male Pattern Baldness’ because it involves gradual baldness with hair loss.

Dermatologist Dr Kiran says, ‘This problem is seen in men even at the age of 20-30 years. We need to catch this disease as soon as possible. The rapidly changing lifestyle can also be said to be the reason for this. These days it is spreading like an ‘epidemic’, so it is important to look at some of the nuances carefully.

What could be the reason-

Increase in sugar in diet: You should keep the level of sugar in your diet very low. This also happens due to continuous consumption of packaged or processed food.

High-glycemic diet: The glycemic in the diet should be reduced. This reduces the ability of your body to produce insulin, which leads to hair loss.

Vitamins: Not checking vitamins because sometimes hair loss starts due to lack of vitamins.

Thyroid: Sometimes your thyroid is also affected due to lifestyle. Due to which premature baldness can also come. Apart from this, it is seen many times that they start consuming protein powder, due to which hair loss starts.

what should be done?

Dermatologist Dr Kiran says, ‘To prevent premature baldness, you must make some changes in your diet. If your hair fall is not stopping even after making several changes and in case of continuous occurrence, you should immediately contact the specialist for this. Because it is very important to stop hair fall in time.


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